Sunday, January 16, 2011

Havoc "Hoppy" Game

Last night several of us headed to the VBCC to watch the Huntsville Havoc play hockey. Hockey games are always entertaining and this one was the most exciting one I have seen! Both teams were very "mouthy" (if that is a word) and there were several fights. One in particular where the gloves and the helmets come off! We rode with Matt, Angela, andAB over to the game. When we got in the car, I ask AB where are we going and she replied, a Hoppy game! So, from now on they are known as Havoc Hoppy Games!
Surprisingly, AB loved the game and was in to it even after it went into overtime!
AB and her Bobo
Mom, Brett, and Me!
Me and AJ
Me and AB
I did not realize she was making funny faces!
Really good fight!
It was a really good game, it went into over time and then a shoot out! Unfortunately the Havoc lost:(

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