Friday, August 21, 2009

Bama Football is right around the corner!!!

This is a picture of the speaker, sorry the lighting was not very good.

Last night, Al and I went to the Madison Alumni Association's Kick Party for 2009 season. Of course, neither one of us are alumni from the University, but if you are willing to pay for your plate then they really don't care!! For the past several years we have been attending this event and it always gets you in the mood for the season! Al gets super excited and is ready for the Virginia Tech game to get here. They always have speakers such as old players, coaches, talk show hosts, etc. This year the speaker was Siran Stacey. He played at Alabama several years back and some of you may remember he lost his wife and 3 of his kids in a car accident a few years ago. They were hit by a drunk driver, now it is just him and one of his daughters. He was a really good speaker! Oh yeah, and to make it even more awesome the event is at the Davidson Center at the Space and Rocket Center. If you have never visited this place it would be a great Saturday trip to visit locally!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having Fun with Anna Beth

Telling Bobo "Roll Tide"

She kept saying, "I wanna big bite"~~

Tonight Anna Beth stayed with me and Al, while Matt and Angela worked at their house! I absolutely LOVE keeping her. I can spoil her so much and she is so fun to be with. We had chips, candy, some "dew", and a milk shake. (of course not all at the same time) Anna Beth loves her Bobo more than anything and they watched "Strawberry Cake" while I cooked dinner. I just thought I would post some pictures of us enjoying our Milk Shake and in one of them she is telling Bobo "Roll Tide".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Beginning of our New Home!!!

Today we took the first step to actually building our house! Matt Lovell dug the footing and poured the concrete for our new home! Today really got me excited since I can actually see something being completed!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slow Progress, but none the less progress!!

Today we had a small amount of work done on the lot. First of all, the grass was mowed in preparation on the footing being dug later this week and we have a small amount of gravel covering our drainage pipe where the driveway will be! Ok, so I know this is not very exciting, but it is a start! I am also posting some pictures of dinner at my mom's last night. We are still celebrating Anna Beth's Birthday! As she sings, "Happy Birthday to Anna Beth"