Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Collage Football has been over for about a month, so Al and I have savored the last few NFL games of the season. It is a sad day for us when Football season is over until the following fall! You all know we love our Crimson Tide, but we also like just watching football in general. We have always watched the Super Bowl, so this year since we were in our new house we decided to have a Super Bowl Party!! So this was our 1st annual Super Bowl Party!

Our guests for this party were Valerie, Roger, Heather, and Britt! I am glad Green Bay won so Al could sport his awesome cheese head he got while in Green Bay many years ago!
Super Bowl food!!!
Super Bowl plates and napkins!!
Al and I had wanted to purchase a new tv for a while now, but we decided to wait until the Super Bowl sales! We picked our tv up on Thursday before the game and we LOVE it!! Can't wait til next September! :)
Super Bowl desserts!

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