Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

When I was younger I used to get so excited when it snowed! No school, day playing with friends, and good junk food....When you get older snow days are still exciting but very disappointing because you get up to the snow, but since we usually don't get enough to close down businesses it is off to work I go! Well, not this time!! I was so excited Sunday night I could hardly contain myself, and at this time I was suppose to be at work at 12. Luckily that changed to Tuesday at 12, and this Snow Day has not disapointed me yet!! It brought back so many memories and was just an overall fun day. Played in the snow, made snow cream, ate junk food, watched tv, read part of my book!!! Needless to say, this Snow Day 2011 has been great!
Me and my sweet girl!!
Uncle Bobo and AB (she was a little unsure about the mask at first)

Playing video games after the snow got a little too cold!

Having a snack while watching tv in our pj's!

Snow cream, Yum Yum!

AB dumped a bit too much sugar, but Hey!! It's a snow day, so a little too much sugar is alright!

Not sure about this smile!

AB loved to run from you when she thought you were about to hit her with a snow ball!

Pelting Bobo w/ a snow ball! She was really getting the hang of it!

Red Nose :)

Running from Bobo who is about to throw a snow ball!

Samuel was not really thrilled about the snow!
Our dogs were a little unsure about the snow, Muffin (small one) was having to jump up to get through it! Brownie (big one) was actually using the bathroom here; I guess it did not bother her!


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