Saturday, July 17, 2010

Way Behind...

Well, if you have ever built a house or remodeled a house by yourself, you know how much time you do not have for anything else! Well, hopefully things are going to slow down in the next couple of weeks and we are looking forward to the fall. I am way behind on posting these but I am going to go ahead and post them now. June 8th was Angela's big 30! Angela and I have been best friends for several years now, and when we became sisters in law it was that much better! Here are a few pictures from her party! We had a great time with our friends from church and I hope Angela has many more birthdays to enjoy!
Bobo teaching Anna Beth to play ball!
The kids let their balloons go after the party!

Guys enjoying the food!

Lots of good food!
Happy 30th Angela! We love you!

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