Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Mom's

On Thursday night we celebrated Christmas with mom, Brett, Sarah, Mark, Jarrod, and AJ. Christmas at my mom's is always a blast. This year we played Minute to Win It! We also had a great dinner and opened presents!!

Sarah, Brett, and AJ
Mom opening one of her presents!
Sarah opening one of her presents!
Me and one of my presents!!
Al and I were on a team for Minute to Win It! Here we are trying to figure out which box had the most jingle bells in it
Listen carefully!
Shake it Mark!
Catch the ping pong ball in the bucket!
AJ had to blow the cards until they were just hanging off the end!
Mom had some difficulty with this one! :)
Brett throwing the cards into the bucket....another hard one!
Jarrod swinging the bow up to land on his nose!
Mom preparing Jarrod for his game

Al had to blow up the balloon and then use the balloon to knock the cups off the table!

Shake it Sarah!!
Everyone helping cook dinner!Al and AJ

Al and Jarrod
Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Looks like a very fun filled night!! Glad that y'all had a wonderful Christmas!