Sunday, October 10, 2010

Decorating our home!

It is taking longer than I would like, but the decorating is starting to come together! Of course, I am wanting all new stuff for the house, so that is taking a little longer to get just bc I have to save my money! :) I absolutely love my house and enjoy every minute I am here. Although, Al is already talking about selling it in a couple of years...Ugh, we'll see!

A look at my new couch and chair. My living room is starting to come together!

My little Halloween decorations for the front porch!!

I love my bedroom, it is the closest to being completed!

You should all know I have to have part of my kitchen devoted to the Crimson Tide during football season! :)

I have not made up my mind exactly what to do here, but for now this is it. The bottom part Al brought home to me one day after working on a job. He called and told me he had a surprise for me. Of course, I was so excited! When I got home this was sitting in my hallway. He was working on one of the historical houses in Athens and this is the top of the chimney that they replaced. I love different items like this so I was super excited!!
This is the light that I looked for forever. I wanted a stained glass light for my breakfast room, but just could seem to find the right one. We had actually moved into the house before I found it, but I am glad I waited bc I love it!

For all of you that heard Al's story about the toilet paper sconce, here it made it to the bathroom!

Master Shower, I have really enjoyed my shower!


  1. Love it!! I know that you are going to enjoy it!!

  2. Looking good!! That couch really looks great!

  3. Your house is looking wonderful. I am sure that you are really enjoying it and all the fun decorating.