Sunday, December 6, 2009

SEC Champions!!!

What a game! We have waited so long to be back in this great spot......We enjoyed the experience at the Looney's and we will be there on January 7th at 7pm to keep up our end of helping the Crimson Tide make it all the way! Here are a few pictures from the great night!

Matt and Al chest bumping after the game!

I can honestly say I have never seen my husband so happy! (they were gator chomping Tebow... while he was crying!!)
The greatest coach ever!

We all have specific spots we have to watch the game from!!


  1. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!! What an awesome game! Love the pictures! Glad y'all had fun!

  2. Glad that yall all had fun because we had fun too! Chan, Chris and I were screaming and it scared both of the kids. Marla was cheering but you know that she is an Auburn fan so she didn't sound as loud as us.

  3. We had so much fun! I have never met such a superstitious bunch as the Brothers Burns! I think they're rubbing off on Jay now too. I will say that it makes for easy meal planning and wardrobe selection when you know that you have to wear and eat the exact same thing thought:)