Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Insulation, sheetrock, and's coming along!

Things are moving right along with this beautiful weather. In the last few weeks, they have come in and sprayed our foam insulation and put up the sheetrock. With the sheet rock being in, I can really get a good idea of my rooms. I have pretty much decided where our furniture is going to go and what furniture I am going to need when we are finished!!! Al and Matt have also been working hard on the brick. I am really enjoying watching everything coming together!!

Al bricking on the front of our garage!

This is the doorway going into the kitchen. I love my archways!!!

This another look at the kitchen.

This is the extra bathroom. Al is going to tile the shower!

The foam insulation is awesome! I really hope the utility bill is as low as they say it will be!

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  1. It is looking good! I know you are excited. Watching it come together is "fun"...stressful sometimes too, but still fun. Keep the pictures coming...