Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slow Progress, but none the less progress!!

Today we had a small amount of work done on the lot. First of all, the grass was mowed in preparation on the footing being dug later this week and we have a small amount of gravel covering our drainage pipe where the driveway will be! Ok, so I know this is not very exciting, but it is a start! I am also posting some pictures of dinner at my mom's last night. We are still celebrating Anna Beth's Birthday! As she sings, "Happy Birthday to Anna Beth"


  1. So glad you are blogging now. I know building a house is exciting. Looking forward to seeing the progress!!!

  2. Yay! Hey, it may not be much but at least it's a start!!

  3. A small start is better than no start! I hope you enjoy the house building process. I have never built a house so it will be nice to watch your guys build yours. Congratulations Again!