Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having Fun with Anna Beth

Telling Bobo "Roll Tide"

She kept saying, "I wanna big bite"~~

Tonight Anna Beth stayed with me and Al, while Matt and Angela worked at their house! I absolutely LOVE keeping her. I can spoil her so much and she is so fun to be with. We had chips, candy, some "dew", and a milk shake. (of course not all at the same time) Anna Beth loves her Bobo more than anything and they watched "Strawberry Cake" while I cooked dinner. I just thought I would post some pictures of us enjoying our Milk Shake and in one of them she is telling Bobo "Roll Tide".


  1. She is soooo cute. Enjoy your role of "the special aunt" and have fun!

  2. It looks like Anna Beth likes for you to keep her, too! What a fun night! I'm enjoying watching what all you're doing on your blog!

  3. Good ole Aunt Brooke. You are the best at spoiling!! I'll never forget when you gave Bryson the sweet tea. I can't remember how old he was or if the girls were even born yet...I just remember him running WILD all over your house!! Anna Beth is such a lucky little girl:)