Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding Festivities Begin!!!

Last Sunday afternoon the Wedding Festivities began. My little brother (Brett) is getting married June 4, 2011 and we can't wait for him to marry this girl!! Sarah, is the best match for him. She is smart, sweet, beautiful....I could go on and on! They have been together since she was 14 years old and finally they are getting married. Everyone knows leading up to the Big day is all the fun teas, parties, and lots of gifts!! The pictures below are from Sarah's first shower with her friends. They received a ton of gifts. Can't wait for the next party!!

Me and my soon to be sister in law!!
Sarah's mom (Cecile), Sarah, and my mommy!!

Sarah and her best friend, Carmen*

The best part of Bridal Teas!

The next best part of Bridal Teas!

All the fun gifts she (and Brett) received!

We have three more showers, a bachelorette party, and bridesmaid luncheon to go! I will have more pictures!

Oh yeah, and of course the BIG day!!!

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