Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date Night

Al and I had a date night on Friday night. We headed to Cheddars in Madison and actually was able to get in. It was really good and not real expensive. Then we headed to Huntsville to watch the Huntsville Havoc play against the Mississippi Surge. I had never been to a hockey game, so I was super excited about going. As most of you know, Al and I are avid football fans and love competitive outings. Since football season has been over for a while we have been going a little crazy not having our sports "fix". Neither of us are much on basketball, soccer, or any other sporting event that is happening at this time. Springtime brings softball, but now I think we have found our fix. I LOVED the game! It was fast paced and exciting. I think we will definitely be heading back to watch the Havoc play pretty soon!

oh yeah, and this was one of Al's favorite parts! They had this balloon floating around the arena!

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